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The Beginning - July 16th 2021

Retirement is something you work for all your life and you dream about the day where Monday becomes better then the angst it brings on Sunday night. I am a full week into my first week without a paycheck. Nothing dramatic really has changed except for my constant need to review my company phone and need to make sure everything was good at work has now faded. Of course, I believe this also can and may have some negative affect as personally this was part of my DNA to be able to monitor and make sure things at work were functioning well and that everything was covered. You see after 27 years of working in the business IT world I never had a vacation where the phone or laptop did not come with me. I felt it was my duty and I never really minded it but I am looking forward to the first real vacation without it.

So welcome to my blog if you happen to stumble upon this at some point. This really is primarily just for me to keep me active and develop some writing skills that I am not necessarily good at. Who know how long it will last but my goal is really to document my life and travels going forward with taking some time to look back at prior vacations to share those good times. Feel free to join my journey and let me know some stories plans of your past and future.

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