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Wrapping it up!

Definitely not good at finishing up our last 2 cruises but here we go for a recap. Our last day in Nassau was uneventful as we stayed on the ship. Our last trip here a couple of weeks ago there really was not much going on in Nassau yet. Senior Frogs a favorite for cruisers was still closed along with the Hard Rock a few blocks away. The Bahamas is also in a major reconstruction mode which will be wonderful for the future I am sure, but for now it is a little less exciting to be in Nassau in the port area. There are a ton of things to do in the Bahamas outside of the city proper so I would encourage you to plan for an excursion if you have a stop there in the near future.

Some of the prettiest land is also near the port. A narrow strip a land that is connected to Paradise Island has some expensive homes that are rumored to be owned by some famous stars. The sail away from Nassau is a pretty view to sit and watch. Check out some of the pics below.

Finally we learned a new "to us" ritual that was occurring on our ship. Apparently leaving a duck somewhere in public is a thing. I am not sure if this is a Carnival thing, or a Mardi Gras thing or is it across other cruise lines or not. Getting on the elevator on our last night, there was this little guy sitting there waiting for me. I guess we will have to share this little guy on the next trip.

Well another cruise is in the books and we are home enjoying some time with our pups. We have 3 more cruises booked this year so it will be a busy few months. I am getting packed again to head up to North Carolina for a quick visit with my daughter and family. More pics coming soon. This will be an interesting trip as traveling by myself with 2 pups will be a challenge for sure.

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