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Keeping Busy - July 22, 2021

Still in the adjustment period of not getting up in the morning and preparing for work. I can see how time will go by fast as each day does go by quickly and you can easily lose track of time. I made a decision this week to become a travel agent so I can become more proficient in my travels and maybe help a few people along the way. I am currently taking my training and then will do all the legal stuff soon after. I have not quite figured out the name for my company yet but the default name came up as "Travel with Kraig" which has a nice ring to it. Who knows I may stick with it. I also have been going through many of our travel pictures and setting up some galleries to remember key moments of travel throughout the last few years. You can enjoy those in the photo gallery section.

Finally we booked our first post retirement trip which will be on the newest Carnival ship the Mardi Gras starting on September 11th. We are doing an Eastern Caribbean 7 day cruise which has stops in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk. We are also looking forward to catching up with one of our favorite crew members which will be on that ship.

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