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A relaxing day!

Amber Cove Dominican Republic

We just left Amber Cove and now are on the way to our final stop in Nassau. I must say at all the different made for cruise stops Amber Cove is definitely one of my favorites. The pool is fabulous and large enough that even with 2 cruise ships in port it did not feel crowded. For those looking for some drink libations there is a fantastic swim up bar that can serve at least 30 to 40 guests at a time. We ate our lunch right at the restaurant by the pool and had some very delicious Quesadillas along with a couple of adult beverages. Souvenir shopping is also available with a large outside mall area with several stores and a variety of merchandise. Due to Covid many of the stores still are not open yet but you can see life coming back to these locations as travel is picking up. I generally try to avoid cruises with these type of stops but in the future I will gladly add this to my itinerar.

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Oct 26, 2023


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