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Hp 54503a Digitizing Oscilloscope Service Manual [EXCLUSIVE]

With four more creative years of digitizing technology evolution, (sampler circuits, analog-to-digital converters, and digital memories) all the benefits of the Digitizing Waveform Recorders were ready to be integrated into a general purpose Digitizing Oscilloscope. For the first time, in 1992, it was possible to advertise an oscilloscope with this significant slogan "The Feel of Analog, the Power of Digital." With the introduction of the HP 54600 Series, the cost of a 100-MHz digitizing oscilloscope was comparable to a full-featured 100-MHz analog oscilloscope like the HP 1741A. So with that dramatic breakthrough, the HP 1741A became the last Analog Oscilloscope still available in the 1986 general catalog.

Hp 54503a Digitizing Oscilloscope Service Manual

In 1983, at a time when microprocessor computing power was still too slow, and cost of digital memory too high to integrate waveform digitizing and recording inside an affordable standard oscilloscope, a subsidiary solution was alternately offered by HP.

The HP 61016A module is a medium-performance digitizing oscilloscope designed and manufactured by HP's Colorado Springs Division for the PC Instruments product line. The power and size constraints of the PC Instruments system presented a formidable design task, on the hardware side and software side as well.

The HP 70700A digitizer adds precision digitizing capability to the modular measurement system. The 1/8-rack-width module has all features of a 20-Msample/s, 10-bit programmable waveform recorder, plus more including a full set of oscilloscope features, and memory size of 256k samples.

The digitizer module can function as a self-contained instrument with comprehensive data-acquisition and waveform analysis capabilities. The module can be used as a precision digitizing oscilloscope, a transient analyzer, or a programmable waveform recorder. In multichannel applications, up to eight HP 70700A modules plug into a 70001 mainframe can be operated synchronously without loss in performance.

Starting with the HP 54100A in 1985, the 54100 series of digitizing oscilloscopes will grow, adding one or two new models to the series, each year, until 1990. The 54100A was described in the April 1986 issue of the Hewlett Packard Journal.

As digitizing technology (sampler circuits, analog-to-digital converters, and digital memories) had steadily improved, the cost of digitizing oscilloscopes decreased. For the first time, with the introduction of the HP 54600 Series, the cost of a 100-MHz digitizing oscilloscope was comparable to a full-featured 100-MHz analog oscilloscope.

Like every other digitizing oscilloscopes of the 54500 Series, these new members offer features such as autoscale, pushbutton hard copy, automatic measurements, nonvolatile setup and waveform memories, and full HP-IB programmability.

I've a HP 54501a. The display shows the following message: address error 00005E4EH, to clear cycle power with one front panel key pressed .If the error condition remanins please consult the service manual.

60MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope Better than 80MHz bandwidth with excellent pulse response. 2mV to 5V / div vertical Calibrated sweep with delay XY mode. Lightweight and very portable. Supplied with new power cord and original service manual Refurbished, in immaculate condition Calibrated with Warranty 2 new X1 and X10 100MHz probes supplied for $39

5.5 digit variable display DC accuracy better than 0.02% True RMS ac Volts 4 wire ohms HPIB programmable Battery option fitted Supplied with new power cord and user/service manual on CD Refurbished and calibrated with warranty

Tektronix offers calibration services for over 140,000 products from more than 9,000 manufacturers, including Keysight. We service newer equipment from Keysight as well as older equipment manufactured under the Agilent and HP brand names. HP was formed in 1937 and got its start producing audio oscillators and signal generators. HP gradually introduced several types of new equipment such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, multimeters and more until the test and measurement division of HP was spun off and named Agilent Technologies. In 2013, the electronic test and measurement component of Agilent Technologies was split off and named Keysight Technologies.

I asked Professor Dwyer if the Physics department had any similar HP Oscilloscopes and if they happened to have any service manuals lying around. To my amazement, the oscilloscope was actually retired from the physics department and was one of the favorite scopes of my past physics professor, Professor Peter Persans, who I respect greatly. He signed off on the unit because it continued to show the same error on bootup regardless of what operation was performed on the scope. He did not have the time to diagnose the problem, so he handed it off to one of his graduate students. The grad student was also puzzled over the problem, so the physics department eventually discarded the scope. Luckily, Professor Persans was in the room next door, and he gladly gave me the owners manual for the HP 54502A!

With the manual in hand, I toggled the calibration switch on back to "unprotected" mode and did a recal of the instrument. Eureka! It worked! However, it lost those settings the second I restarted the scope. Bummer. Knowing that old HP scopes were built like tanks, I held onto the scope until I had enough time to thoroughly test and repair it. Unfortunately, the scope sat for around 2 years before I was able to fully bring it back up to snuff. I came across several websites and forum posts on HP 54502A problems, and sure enough, the EEVblog had the answer staring me right in the face. I cannot believe I did not think of it earlier. It was a problem I encountered so often in my childhood hobby of toying with old PCs. The problem comes down to one chip used in the oscilloscope's design: the internal clock battery. I remember these populating EVERY motherboard from my days working with 386/486/Pentium One machines. Talk about a blast from the past!


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