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Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson

Mastering Financial Modelling In Microsoft Excel

The new edition of this bestselling title begins by explaining basic modelling techniques before moving through to more complex models. The book is divided into two parts: the first part outlines model designs and gives templates, key features and techniques (Please note the templates mentioned are not available on Safari). The second part of the book shows how to build corporate financial models in Excel.

Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel

With every major choice we face we "run through the numbers" to guide our decision-making and legitimise the outcomes. Financial modelling helps managers to make more informed decisions and, crucially, win corporate commitment for those decisions. The ability to construct useful financial models with speed and accuracy is becoming a key skill for all executives to master. However, this is a skill few managers and businesses know how to develop. For the busy executive or finance officer, an Excel user-manual is no place to start - today's financial models have moved a long way from the original single-sheet spreadsheets that most of us feel comfortable manipulating. Modern spreadsheets allow advanced managers to adopt advanced decision-making and analysis tools, but few have time or programming skills to use the spreadsheets to the full. This book will show managers how they can extend their decision-making capabilities by mastering the use and abuse of financial models.

Bayrock Real Estate Consulting provides premium Excel-based real estate financial modelling training and financial modelling consulting for real estate transactions. Bayrock Real Estate Consulting\u2019s training programs provides its users with the comprehensive financial modelling skills, knowledge and processes needed to successfully model transactions and complete real estate modelling tests with confidence.

This scenario based training programme will be invaluable to those candidates applying for an Analyst position, as well as real estate professionals wishing to understand the concepts of real estate financial modelling.

Written by a highly experienced team of real estate modelling experts, Mastering The Modelling Test program provides candidates with the essential skills needed to understand and conduct professional real estate financial analysis and will enable them to successfully pass the modelling test.

The Mastering the Modelling Test training program is meticulously designed to teach and guide users through a logical step-by-step process of how to create complex and flexible real estate financial models. The digital download training program interlinks the theoretical nature of real estate and the specialised Excel modelling skills needed to construct financial appraisals within a modelling test and workplace surrounding. 041b061a72


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